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Answers to our eight most popular questions are below.
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Eight Popular Questions Answered

I love your products. Where can I buy them?
Click Here. Our products are widely distributed at 5,000+ stores (big and small) throughout North America.
Our popular Loaded Questions game is distributed by Ginger Fox in the UK. If you are interested in one of our
products not shown on the website, visit our Out of Print page.

Do you really produce all of your products in the US?
Yes. In Tipton, Indiana…by a bunch of very nice and dedicated people!

Do you look at any outside product ideas?
Nope. Sorry

How can I carry your games in my store?
Just fill out the Contact Form above or give us a call at the phone number below. Assuming you pay your bills
on time, I’m sure we would love to work with you!

I am missing a component from a new product of yours that I just purchased. What do I do?
First of all, we are very sorry your product was packaged incomplete! But, fill out the Contact Form and let us
know what part is missing, and we’ll send out the missing component(s) ASAP.

Can I get replacement parts?
The instructions and answer sheets for every game can be downloaded (free) on their respective product
pages. The only other replacement parts we offer are:

* Gameboard for any product ($7.00)
* Custom Game Pieces ($4.00)
* Answer Pad for any product ($4.00)

These prices include shipping and handling. To order, simply send us an email by filling out the Contact Form or contact us by phone at the number below. We do not offer any other game components.

What happened to The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game and where can I find the original captions for the
cartoons in the game?
Our license agreement with The New Yorker magazine ended 12/31/2011, and we are no longer able to sell
the game. You can still find copies on various websites. Here are the original captions.

Is Eric Poses, the creator of all the products on this website, as good looking, intelligent, funny and interesting as
everyone keeps telling me.


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